The results are in… Wellness Survey ’23

In May of 2023, First-years, Sophomores, and Juniors were asked to participate in the Wellness Survey, a brief survey asking about alcohol consumption, protective behaviors, and the perception of the campus in relation to alcohol use.

Overall, 80% of participants reported consuming some amount of alcohol at some point in their life. 75% of participants reported consuming alcohol since the beginning of the academic year (September 2022). Almost half (45%; n= 88) of those participants reported consuming alcohol biweekly or weekly. Students reported most frequently consuming alcohol at off-campus houses and apartments, or at campus-owned residential buildings and houses.

Students were asked to report about the last time they “partied” or socialized, and how many drinks they consumed over the course of how many hours. Most students reported consuming less than 5 drinks, staying below the nationally defined threshold of binge drinking. Male participants, though a small sample, were more likely to participate in high-risk or binge drinking.

Want to know more about the results? Look out Winter 2024 for a review of the data and future initiatives.