Biennial Report

Among other efforts in support of this commitment, the College conducts a biennial review of the effectiveness of its drug and alcohol prevention programs, and the consistency of disciplinary sanctions imposed for violations of standards of conduct pertaining to possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees on College property or as part of its programs. This review is required by amendments to the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (DFSCA) of 1989 – also known as the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act (EDGAR Part 86) – and U.S. Department of Education regulations. Consistent with these requirements, this report explains findings and recommendations for continuous improvement. The review is intended to be a full, campus-wide review of the effectiveness of how K addresses alcohol and other drugs on its campuses.

The review examined:

  1. Current policies pertaining to alcohol and other drugs for students;
  2. Current policies pertaining to alcohol and other drugs for employees;
  3. Annual notifications to students and employees related to alcohol and other drugs;
  4. Programs in place that are provided regarding the abuse of alcohol and other drugs;
  5. Most recent data collected regarding arrests and violations referred for disciplinary action involving alcohol and other drugs on campus and in College programs; and
  6. Results from Kalamazoo College’s Spring 2022 American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment III, a national research survey collecting data about students’ habits and behaviors on the most prevalent health topics. 

Departments submitted a list of strengths and improvement areas regarding the alcohol and other drug prevention and intervention programs and policies. From that information, departments and the review committee compiled a list of recommendations for future action. The report is housed in the Student Development office till a new report is developed. Once a new report is developed, the old report will be given to the Archives department. To request a current version of the report, please reach out to Student Development.